Aangepaste route

Vanwege de weersomstandigheden is besloten om een andere route te nemen. Dit betekent dat we van Finhaut naar Täsch en Zermatt gaan. Vervolgens gaan we met de lift omhoog en overnachten we in de Gandegg hut op 3030 meter. Daar zullen beide teams opnieuw getest worden. Op maandag gaan we verder omhoog ( met de lift) naar de Klein Matterhorn op 3800 meter waar we overnachten en ook de laatste tests worden uitgevoerd.

Dinsdagochtend vroeg gaan we met de Breithorn beklimmen tot 4062 meter waarna we afdalen naar het dal en terugrijden naar Finhaut.
De allersterkste klimmers gaan vanaf woensdag een poging wagen de Mont Blanc te beklimmen.

Red meets white

What is hypoxia?
Hypoxia is a serious condition in which tissues in a region of the body or the body as a whole are deprived of adequate oxygen supply. It is a symptom that affects many patients in the intensive care unit. Hypoxia is a threat for correct functioning vital organs such as the heart. Inadequate oxygen supply decreases the functioning of organs. When hypoxia increases, serious organ failure can occur. Hypoxia also affects the coagulation of blood. The scientific discipline that focuses on coagulation is called haemostasis. The body needs coagulation to prevent blood loss in case of a wound.

The Red meets white study
The goal of the Red meets white study is to in-depth investigate haemostasis influenced by oxygen deprivation. During the study Synapse BV will make use of state-of-the-art methods that were not available before and that enable us to gain new insights into the disease process of hypoxia.

On the Mont Blanc
Altitude and physical strain are factors that affect haemostasis. The Red meets white study will take place on various altitudes of the Mont Blanc; 1000m, 2000m, 3000m and 3700m. Our team is divided into three teams. One will reach the different altitudes by climbing. The second will reach these levels through cable car. These two teams will be accompanied by the medical staff consisting of cardiologists, haematologist and anaesthesiologists. The third team is responsible for the logistics during the study.

Synapse BV aims to place the Netherlands on the world map in terms of medical research concerning haemostasis and altitude. English scientists have done research on the effect of oxygen deprivation on coagulation, however these outcomes are adverse. Synapse BV has now developed a test with which we can carry out the first clean study that investigates the correlation between oxygen deprivation and coagulation on different altitudes.